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Thinking about coming to school at Oregon Culinary Institute? Listen to what the students themselves have to say, and then decide!

Our fundamental focus at Oregon Culinary Institute is on our students and their education.

Oregon Culinary Institute was founded on a simple idea: that a great culinary education must be practical and hands-on as much as possible, and give its graduates the best possible foundation for a successful career in the food and hospitality industry. At OCI the training is hands-on, the education is challenging, and the experience is real world – all punctuated by classes in our open-to-the-public restaurant and an externship in the industry.

We’re located in a cook’s paradise – Portland, the Willamette Valley, and the Pacific Northwest – with a bounty of foods, wines, and restaurants. And we’re located in an extraordinary state that has a commitment to sustainability – something we teach, and live, every day at Oregon Culinary Institute.

Join us.

Tour our beautiful facility within easy walking distance of downtown city center.

Talented chefs, who can teach, make all the difference.

Portland and Beyond
Visit Portland and beyond with its bounty of food, restaurants, and recreation.

Student Life

“We each got to work one-on-one with our chefs a lot and get a lot of personal feedback. We all came from different backgrounds, so our skill level was all different when we first started, and you can definitely see that people who had no idea what they were doing now have the skills to go out and get a job in the industry. Going out and getting a job it’s not overwhelming, it’s not intimidating now. I’m very confident with my skill level.” – Morgan Jacobson, OCI Graduate Culinary Arts, Class of 2009

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