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Discover life behind the scenes at Oregon Culinary Institute.

Hear what the students have to say about Oregon Culinary Institute – the chefs, the life, the camaraderie, and the culture. Watch them in action in the kitchens, in the restaurant, on field trips, at events, and in the industry.

Video Gallery
Check out student perspectives, meet the chefs, and join OCI on the loose.

Culinary Arts at OCI

Hospitality with style, à la Oregon Culinary Institute graduate Chelsey Petek.

“It’s mind-blowing how much I have learned.” – Hannah Malone, OCI Graduate Culinary Arts, Class of 2009

“School was a constant reminder that I am doing this because I love it, and because it is fun. Stuff will always go wrong; the point is to bounce off of that, and take it as a new challenge. I realized at OCI that baking is fun, in every circumstance.” – Caitlyn Hacklander, Baking and Pastry, Class of 2012

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