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Aug 5, 2013From Small Town to Culinary Meccaby oci-admin1

Watch OCI Advanced Baking and Pastry Instructor Salvatore Hall talk about his culinary career and his passion for teaching at OCI.

Jun 3, 2013The Original OCI Kitchen Ninjaby oci-admin1

As someone looking for a culinary school to provide more than just basic food knowledge, I was delighted to hear (from my Admissions officer during my OCI school tour) that OCI had a Chef Instructor from Nepal that specialized in spices, and more importantly to me, came from a lineage of medicinal healers.  I also come from an ancestry of healers.  My great grandmother’s knowledge of the human body and her understanding of natural remedies for pain and illness were, I thought, insurmountable. I couldn’t believe that a culinary school would devote any portion of their curriculum to the medicinal properties of food.  It was game changing for me. Chef Vaidya 1

Chef Bikrim Vaidya is an OCI favorite, and if you’ve been a part of the school in any way, sort of a mascot. During my schooling at OCI, Chef motivated me to understand, appreciate and study the products I was using in my dishes.  His never ending quest for knowledge and his enthusiasm for passing that knowledge to his students is what makes him truly one of a kind.  I continue to see the influence he has on his students, current and graduated.  He is definitely someone that has inspired me throughout my culinary journey. I found it only appropriate to interview Chef Vaidya for my very first blog post. More

Oct 24, 2012Oh!! The Things That You Know!!by oci-admin1

Chef Hobson at OCI Graduation

OCI Graduation October 2012, photo by Brian Geraths (Prints Charming)*

By Culinary Arts Chef Instructor Josh Hobson

Congratulations! Let me just say

You’ve been through a lot to be here today,

So let’s take a peek back at all you have learned

Those dishes that were good, bad, ugly and burned.

Let’s grab a tater, I know that you can,

Battonet, julienne, bruniose and paysanne.

“You need to focus!” says wise old Vaidya,

As you blanch, poach, braise and sauté.

So tell me, Do you have your Mise en Place,

Your recipe cards so you do not get lost?


Oh no!! Bacteria! Virus! Parasite!

So important to Serve Safe, keep those temperatures right.

Hot Foods Hot, and Cold Foods Cold,

Label and Date, Don’t let things get old.


Don’t be a dupe! Remember your soup!

Cream of Whatever, Bisque, Consomme,

Vichysoisse, Chowdah, and even Puree.

Roux in colors white, brown and blond

Deglazing a pan and capturing fond.

But Don’t be a Loon! Don’t Cook the Spoon!

Remember your mothers and do as they say,

Espangnole, Béchamel, Tomato, Veloute.

Hollandaise….. ooh I can see some of you shudder,

That is a sauce that’s definitely a Mother….

Eggs used to seem simple, but now not so much,

Basted, shirred, Over Easy and such.


Chef Josh Hobson Addressing OCI Graduation

Chef Josh Hobson Drops "Dr. Suess" Wisdom, Photo by Brian Geraths (Prints Charming)*

And then there’s those Cups, Quarts and Tablespoon,

Remember the conversions, don’t be a maroon.

Yield Percent, food costing, the dreaded EPC,

Or “Learn to Juggle” says Admiral Brophy.

Mirepoix – a quart in 5 minutes or less,

You might have left a tip, but please keep the rest.


But that’s not all, there’s more that you know,

Risotto, Polenta, Quinoa, and Farro.

Calamari, Dungeness Crab, Escargot,

Charcuterie, galantine, terrine, and quenelle,

Tzatziki, chimichurri, coulis, and duxelle.

Game that wears fur and some that can fly,

Ducks and Rabbits and Lobster, oh my.


It’s amazing to me how far you have come,

All that you’ve cooked and all that you’ve done.

So remember your lessons make us all proud,

And soon you will hear your cooks say out loud –



Oregon Culinary Institute students show their appreciation for Chef Hobson's speech

OCI Students Applauding Chef Hobson's Speech, Photo by Brian Geraths (Prints Charming)*

*Official Graduation photos will be available for purchase soon at, click ‘View Your Images,’ password ‘ocigrad’.   

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