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Learning at Oregon Culinary Institute takes place in many forms, in many venues.

Live and learn in an exciting environment at Oregon Culinary Institute!

We believe that education can be intelligent and inspired, that while it can be difficult it can also be fun, and that we need to be sustainably and socially responsible. Students at Oregon Culinary Institute believe in their dreams, they work hard to achieve their goals, and they work in a city passionate about food.

Portland is nationally recognized for its livability – its bike-friendly streets, public transportation, and its proximity to outdoor parks and recreation. But it’s also the food – and its preparation – that has caught the attention of the world’s gourmets.

Student Kit
Resources to help you get started in school.

Life in Portland
Consistently voted one of the nation’s most livable cities.

A day of celebration in honor of your accomplishments.

“It was such an awesome experience. It was fully hands on – completely hands on.” – Belinda Enriquez, OCI Graduate Baking and Pastry, Class of 2009

“(The chefs are) all very attentive to every single student and they’re all always available. All of them are experienced and very intelligent. It’s like having a bunch of walking encyclopedias. It’s awesome to be in the kitchen every single day. It gives me the skills I need in a restaurant, and knowledge about almost everything culinary.” – Michelle Ormando, OCI Graduate Culinary Arts, Class of 2007

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