OCI students and graduates compete side by side in the annual Kitchen Ninja™ Competition.

For the third year in a row we held the OCI Kitchen Ninja Competition – open to students and graduates alike. Starting with eight competitors, time-trial elimination reduces the field to four, then two, and finally a winner – the ultimate OCI Kitchen Ninja™.

We began using the term several years ago when a prospective student came to us from New Orleans. A co-worker had told him, “you need to go to OCI – they’re training kitchen ninjas there.”

The term aptly describes the talented students at Oregon Culinary Institute perfectly – specially trained in the skill and art of incredibly fast, deadly accurate, and invisible, seamless perfection.

We hope you take the time to check out this exciting competition in Issue 10 of our newsletters, as well as the two previous contests. You’ll be amazed at what these OCI students and grads can do!

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Anthony Wilkie

First winner of the OCI Kitchen Ninja™ Competition, Anthony Wilkie, in action.

“There was a lot of knife work. (The instructors) were right on in teaching us to work fast and neat and clean and the way we cut. The way we attack an onion, for example, there’s a reason they train us at OCI and if I didn’t have that, there’s no way I could keep up.” – Kelly Lucarelli, OCI Graduate Culinary Arts, Class of 2009