If there’s one thing we repeatedly hear from parents at graduations, it’s that they can’t believe how much their children have changed and how confident those children have become. And we never grow tired of it.

An OCI education is intended to instill that confidence by providing students with real skills, plenty of hands-on experience in real restaurant kitchens, and a path toward a real future.

We’re not sure who appreciates all that more, the students or their parents. In the below videos, you can hear from some of those parents themselves.

In the below video, you can hear from students who started at OCI right out of high school.

“I am indebted to all of you who worked and breathed confidence into her little shrinking violet soul!”

~ Mary Ann Prehn, mother of OCI graduate Olivia Prehn

“Timothy has been employed since before he graduated. He has had several pay raises and is very happy with his work. He couldn’t have done this without the education he received at OCI.”

~ Elizabeth Miesner, mother of OCI graduate Timothy Miesner

"We felt she would be part of a family – even though she'd be so far away from home – and well taken care of."

~ Emil and Maryann Severyn, parents of Emily Severyn